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Awesome Unstoppable Dan J Gregory – “How to Free Yourself From The Limits That Hold You back” …  Becoming Unstoppable in Business and Life

AND also
Peer Networking and Self Promotion Opportunity – Making Meaningful Connections

Tuesday 25th October 2016 –
6:45pm – relaxed networking, 7:15pm – talks

The Engineers House, The Promenade, Clifton Down, Bristol, Avon BS8 3NB

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How to Free Yourself From The Limits That Hold You Back…

Becoming Unstoppable in Business and Life.

Dan J Gregory

dg-unstoppable-4x3-300Have you ever wondered what would be possible for you in life if there were truly no limits to your potential as a human being?

We often hear stories of great transformation following a tragic or seriously traumatic event, however in this compelling talk Dan argues that there is no greater tragedy in life than letting your life pass you by without fully unleashing your potential and sharing your gifts with the world.

In this talk Dan shares his own journey of how he discovered the unconscious brakes that were holding him back from experiencing his own greatness and he outlines the steps that he took to free himself from the limits that shackled his own progress which you can apply in your life to experience more of your potential and make your mark on the world.

Dan will give you 4 immediate “How to…” takeaways at this event:

  • How to identify the unconscious brakes that hold you back

  • How to free yourself from your self-imposed limits

  • How to redefine yourself to unleash your greatness

  • The 5C formula for experiencing more of your potential

About Dan

Dan is the founder and host of the Unstoppable Podcast and creator of The Unstoppable Entrepreneur program. He works with a new generation of visionary entrepreneurs who want to disrupt their marketplace, get paid for their ideas and become world class in their field.
Having spent 8 years as a senior leader within the corporate world working with one the world largest financial services organisations, Dan had the privilege of working alongside hundreds of entrepreneurs, small business owners and senior business leaders where he began to identify patterns of behaviour that either produced success or failure in business – this resulted in an obsessive pursuit for answers when it comes to what enables entrepreneurs and leaders to WIN in business….
His search for answers led to a ‘defining moment’ where he discovered his mission to help entrepreneurs and business leaders to become unstoppable in business and life!
Dan’s high octane experiential live events and coaching help his clients to unleash their greatness, build their empire, make their impact upon the world and live their ultimate life.
Dan’s experience, coupled with his unquenchable thirst for constant and never ending improvement and the most up to date practical knowledge in the areas of business growth, leadership and peak human performance, is rapidly making him a highly sought-after advisor to a new generation of entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Testimonials and website links

Testimonials – click here
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Unstoppable Podcast

Only at the event raffle opportunity

Dan has donated a 1:1  90 Minute ‘Unstoppable Momentum’ Breakthrough Coaching session worth £300 to the raffle. You have to be there to win!!  The lucky winner – you??!!!  All proceeds to our supported charities.

YES Group Peer Networking – Making Meaningful Connections

Business and Social Networking with your YES Group connections for your mutual success.

Fun, Friendly, Relaxed, Supportive, Productive

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work” – Robert Kiyosaki

This is the best opportunity in the South West this year for positive upbeat YES people to get together and network

Make the most of being part of a positive can do peer group, and make meaningful connections with people who are fun to know and who can help you achieve your dreams and ambitions.

Please Bring:

  • Business cards
  • Your promo literature
  • A HUGE smile 🙂

Sharing/networking structure.

  • 1-2 minute promotion share by you to everyone – don’t be shy, blow your trumpet about what you do
  • Breakout into small groups for in depth conversation, sharing and self promotion
  • Round up and shares to the room

Come prepared to blow your trumpet and make new business/social connections

Free Refreshments available throughout the evening.

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