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Tuesday 31st October 2017
6:45pm doors open for relaxed networking, free refreshments, 7:15pm prompt talks

The Engineers House, The Promenade, Clifton Down, Bristol, Avon BS8 3NB

This month we’ll be learning how to get both your body and your bank balance into shape.

Property millionaire Alex Louise Brown will share the rags-to-riches story of how she went from restaurant pot washer to retiring at 32; and fitness expert Lizzie Astin will show us how we can fall in love with our bodies and transform our lives.

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Double your money without going to Vegas; how to make money doing what you love, not what you think you should do.

Alex Louise Brown’s fortune is already in the millions and growing. She retired, astonishingly, at the age of just 32, as the owner of 18 properties. Not bad for someone who left school at 15 and worked as a pot washer in a restaurant.

She now helps others to get financially free, fit and healthy and live the life of their dreams. Her no-nonsense, get-it-done approach is tempered with the understanding and empathy that comes from having been there and knowing how hard it is.

“I’m really good at money now and I remember how scary it is when you’re not good at it” she says. “I can’t help everyone who comes to me but I will always know where to send them when I’m fully booked or get them started until I can work with them. They say money doesn’t matter, but try living without it! All of my clients would agree that doing money right has made a life-changing difference”.

In her talk, Alex Louise offers practical and easy-to-follow steps to get financially free as quickly as possible and explains why this should be everyone’s biggest if not only financial goal.

“I know what it feels like to want to get somewhere but be confused about how and where to start”, she says. “And I’ve overcome a lot and got it done. I’m empathetic and good at getting to know the truth of someone’s situation and I also have a no-nonsense approach to getting things done. I’m great with people and at getting them moving!”


I like her openness and her questioning approach. She challenges the status quo and uses her experience to offer solutions and options we hadn’t thought of.”

Gerry, Cardiff

Thank you so much for your help with my money, I would have never thought what I have achieved was possible before and I’m still living quite comfortably without worrying about spending. Honestly I can’t explain how much this means to me. Thank you!”

Salina, Cardiff

Thank you so much for your mentoring, I feel so much better now and like I’m actually getting somewhere. Please can we book some more sessions as there’s more things I want to work on and think you’re the person to get me there!”





The whole truth about falling in love with your body:

7 simple steps to transform the quality of your life

Lizzie Astin is a fitness expert and personal trainer who has developed a programme called the Goddess Body Formula 12 Week Transformation Programme, from which more than 100 women have now benefitted.

In her talk, Lizzie will show how you can improve the quality of your day to day life and results by changing your belief systems around healthy eating and exercise – and realise why you might be constantly Yo Yo-ing between feeling healthy and energetic and sluggish and de-motivated.

“Most of us are making these common mistakes but they are easy to fix”, she says.

“I will share my 7-step formula that will improve your overall quality of life and specifically your health and fitness results.

“You will leave with the exact 7 steps you need to improve your health and fitness in just a few short weeks. You will learn how I help my clients transform their bodies in just 12 weeks without encouraging short-term fixes or crash dieting. You will leave with all the knowledge you need to create your own body transformation, learn how to lose weight without going hungry, how to exercise correctly for your desired results and why you might have struggled to get and keep those results in the past.”

Lizzie’s talk will also cover:

  • Why setting a weight loss goal is ruining your health
  • How to get total body confidence in just 60 minutes
  • Why setting a weight loss goal is the worst thing you can do if you are trying to lose weight
  • The 5 keys to total physical transformation
  • The one thing you must fall in love with if you want to transform your body

“Through my own body transformation and personal development journey I have created a formula that gets incredible results”, she says.

“I am not just a Personal Trainer. I provide an immersive experience that tackles the real issues that prevent transformation and sustainable results by also looking at the mindsets, attitudes, behaviours and values of my clients and helping them uncover the real reason they are struggling. Once this process is complete, the rest is easy and the transformation is a lot of fun!

“I am passionate about my subject and bring energy and positivity to the room. I share the full process involved in a happy, healthy and fulfilled life and inspire people to improve the quality of their life. I want people to leave feeling amazing and capable and my talk is designed to give people the exact steps required to do just that!”


I have this lady to thank for changing my life massively. When I met her I was seriously overweight and unfit. I went to the gym but my food was awful and along with depression, asthma and like so many a life of struggles, I wanted to change and make a better me….The asthma has gone, I’ve stopped smoking and my nutrition is allowing me to fuel my body to be the best it can be, so I’m able to take on anything this world has to throw at me. BRING IT ON!”


Literally amazed with my results with Lizzie!!!! 5 star!!!! I have been unhappy with my shape for years, and always tried to get into shape myself but always failed. In 12 weeks I lost 8lbs of fat and have toned up by gaining 4lbs of muscle. I feel so much more confident in myself.


She’s been so much more that a personal trainer and I can’t stress just how great she is.”




Buy Tickets Here Online
Price includes free refreshments; tea, coffee and biscuits are free all evening; and you’ll have plenty of networking and socialising time!

Tickets: £9.95 for 1, £15.95 for 2 (Select your Ticket choice below)
If 2nd Person, their Name please.

Raffle – be with us and win

The month we will be holding a raffle to win one of the two following prizes. We do this so you can get extra value from your evening and we can raise additional funds for our charities. These prizes can only be obtained at the event. All proceeds from the raffle go directly to either Challenge Africa or charities in Bristol for the homeless and needy, the Matthew Tree Project or Basket Brigade.

From Alexlouise
I will give one place away on my 3 day workshop first weekend of march worth £1,250.

From Lizzie
Two personal training sessions and 90 minute discovery session as to why you might be struggling to get results (this can be one prize or two separate prizes)
Lifetime access to The Goddess Body Formula Online 12 Week Transformation Programme

Buy Tickets Here Online
Price includes free refreshments; tea, coffee and biscuits are free all evening; and you’ll have plenty of networking and socialising time!

Tickets: £9.95 for 1, £15.95 for 2 (Select your Ticket choice below)
If 2nd Person, their Name please.

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