Programme Your Mind

Double session from performance psychologist Chris Walton: “PROGRAMME YOUR MIND FOR ROCK-SOLID SELF-BELIEF!”

Tuesday 28th February 2017 –
6:45pm – relaxed networking, 7:15pm – talks

The Engineers House, The Promenade, Clifton Down, Bristol, Avon BS8 3NB

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Chris Walton

Chris Walton


Chris Walton

In this presentation performance psychologist Chris Walton will share his research into the peak performance states of mind known as ‘The Flow State’ and ‘The Zone’.

You will learn ‘The Gamma Mindset Technique’ which creates the peak brain state for direct access to your subconscious mind. This allows you to make rapid and profound changes to your deep-down belief systems and thinking patterns to allow you to maximise your success.


This session is very practical and interactive. Chris will give a short presentation on the subconscious mind, what it is, what it isn’t and how it works. Then they will be guided through the Gamma Mindset process and integrate new empowering beliefs and thinking patterns into their subconscious mind about self-belief and confidence to help maximise their success.

About Chris Walton

Chris is an internationally recognised performance psychologist and consciousness researcher who has coached Olympic and other international athletes, and written two best-selling books:

  • The Gamma Mindset

Create the peak brain state and eliminate subconscious limiting beliefs, anxiety, fear and doubt in less than 90 seconds! And awaken the next stage of your potential to create the future you want.

  • Peak Performance in 60 Seconds

The 4 essentials to maximise your energy, resilience and performance.

Chris runs a unique science based program to maximise employee energy and resilience which he also teaches on the MBA programme at the University of Westminster Business School in London. He has coached world champion athletes and business executives on peak performance and has a thriving 1:1 private practice in Bristol.



“Chris is a leading expert in this cutting edge science and the Gamma techniques he teaches create deep change in your brain and body and give you the power to tailor your own destiny.”

Kazadi Kalangu M.D

Brain Surgeon and Professor of Neurosurgery,

Vice President of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies.


“As a direct result of Chris’s performance coaching and belief change processes I won the British Open Tournament beating the world no.1 and achieved my career best no.3 world ranking.”

Anthony Rickets

Professional Squash Player

“In over 25 years of coaching world class athletes and business executives to perform at their best, Chris’s Gamma Techniques are the most powerful and effective I’ve used.”

Ole Bloch,

1980 Moscow Olympian and Executive Coach,

Founder of the Institute of Management Coaching International.





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