Triple Bill: Coaching Creativity, the 7F Principles and Find your Highest Self

Coaching Creativity, 7 F Principles, Your Highest Self


Tuesday 30th May 2017

6.45pm: relaxed networking; 7.15pm: talks

The Engineers House, The Promenade, Clifton Down, Bristol, Avon BS8 3NB

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Are you creative? Are your clients? Would you like to be more so? Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this lively session Jen Gash, life-long artist, occupational therapist and specialist coach, will share some personal and professional insights into the complex world of creativity.

This will involve de-bunking some myths, sharing new insights from research and examining her own stories around what it means to be creative.  Jen looks at creativity from many angles:  her life-long struggle with her own creativity as a painter, writer and her professional “work”; her fascination with creativity as part of transformational activities such as coaching and therapy; its relationship to mental wellbeing.

You’ll be able to examine your own creative desires and pursuits, gain fresh insights and new perspectives and shift some old patterns.

About Jen

Jen Gash has been working in the world of therapy and coaching for over 20 years.  She chose to pursue a “real job” rather than become a painter and has been wrestling with those choices ever since. She also brings with her, first-hand knowledge of the relationship between mental wellbeing and creativity. She is highly regarded in her profession and has had two books published recently, “Coaching Creativity: transforming your practice” published by Routledge. “Enabling Positive Change: coaching conversations in occupational therapy” published by CAOT.


“Jen Gash is passionate about her subject and she does not take long to engage her audience with her wit and eloquence.   There is something creative inside all of us just waiting to be discovered; her message both practical and lifts the spirit.”

Peter Watson, Section Head.  Art in Action

More here:

Jen’s videos:


Books :

Coaching Creativity: Transforming Your Practice (2016) Routledge

Enabling Positive Change: Coaching Conversations in OT (2016) Co-authored CAOT



Yvonne Bignall is an award-winning personal development educator and life motivator, and the #1 best-selling author of ‘Suck It Up Or Change… If You Want A Better Life You Create It With the 7F Principles’.

Her talk is based on her book, and covers:

  • The importance of deciding to stop being a victim to life and start being your best you, living your best life!

  • Learning why life feels out of control and how those feelings impact your ability to make the change you crave.

  • Knowing and embedding the 7F principle in your everyday life; enabling you to live life differently, increasing the quality of your life whilst putting your mental and physical wellbeing first so that you have the inner and outer strength to manage life’s challenges ensuring you avoid spiralling out of control

  • Claiming back control of your life to create the best life for the best you; being happy, energetic and free

Yvonne lives her life by the 7F principles, which are:

  • Be fit & healthy

  • Be fearless

  • Create freedom

  • Enjoy friends and family

  • Pay it forward

  • Have fun

  • Have faith.


“We all need guidance at some point in time, and I can’t recommend Yvonne enough. She has a strong business acumen with an extraordinary human touch, which is difficult to find in the professional world. Yvonne can really make a positive impact in your life, in both life coaching and business coaching/development. A great combination which help any individual to succeed at a personal and professional level. She always has a positive approach, passion and commitment in everything she does. I feel fortunate to have met such an inspirational woman.”

Anna Perra, Personal Stylist

“Yvonne is a passionate advocate for helping people grow and transform their thinking & habits to live happier lives. As a lead trainer, she brings high energy and a sense of fun to every course, in addition to tried and tested practical advice on how to utilise personal development to create breakthroughs in business and daily life. This is where she excels; being able to open people up to the fact that life is not all about work; it is about creating energy in all areas of our lives to truly be our best. And Yvonne lives what she speaks; she is authentic, engaging and collaborative in her approach, an excellent role model.”

Aref Alabed, CEO, International Medical Training Academy

 “Yvonne is this person who can easily fuel your energy and turn your enthusiasm on. She can direct you to your personal motivation and lighten your path in an interesting, energetic and highly interactive sessions. Her most attracting element is simplifying her deliverables through reflecting that on a personal experience. If you look for a woman role model, you need to contact Yvonne.”

Hasan Qasem, MD & Consultant, Father Consulting

“Yvonne is a rare person with amazing insight. She knows how to ask the right questions and she truly helped me understand myself better. I was impressed with every session by Yvonne’s ability to help me discover solutions to problems in my personal and professional life. She is genuine and compassionate and incredibly optimistic. She always provided well thought out and constructive feedback and guidance. Yvonne took a personal interest in my life and I felt valued and motivated by her enthusiasm. I am honoured to have met this truly amazing woman.”

Vickie Ellison, Fitness & Nutrition Coach

“We had the pleasure of working with Yvonne in the capacity as a key note speaker, at our Women Mean Biz networking meetings across Bristol, Bath and N. Somerset. The feedback has been very complimentary from our members. Her talks are engaging, relevant, and very appropriate for the audience. What I love about Yvonne though is her energy and professionalism, and she’s just so easy to listen to. One member said that she was the best speaker that we’ve had … so thanks Yvonne and we’d love to have you back again very soon!”

Philippa Constable, Business Networking expert, Trainer, Speaker,

Founder, ‘Women Mean Biz’ & ‘We Mean Biz’ Networking Organisation

More testimonials:


Youtube: (YouTube)

Book: ‘Suck It Up Or Change… If You Want A Better Life You Create It – With the 7F Principles’


Three truths that have changed my life and now change other people’s

Personal development trainer David McCrae is a positive and inspiring individual who seeks to spread joy and love to others. Through his bestselling book “The Last 60 Minutes” and motivational speaking, he empowers others to find out what is possible for their lives.

David prides himself on delivering “self-help with substance”, basing his work upon scientific research and empirically tested strategies. David wants to transform the way we are educated, and is creating this transformation one page and one stage at a time.

David says:  “Many of us do not realise the value of our lives. We do not live our lives with full consciousness and connection, and we do not chase our true calling. It’s time to awaken to your true potential. Greater positivity and confidence is available to you. Intense passion and purpose is available to you. Deeper communication and engagement is available to you. When you learn these three truths, it all becomes possible for you.”


“I feel I have grown as a person. For that I thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of your speaking ability, clear and composed.” – Matt

“It was brilliant! I can´t stop speaking about you and all things I improve it! (sic) THANKS” – Anon

“The way you don’t overcrowd or overcomplicate the message is a real strength. Your ability to do that length of talk without notes was impressive. Your delivery was unique”

– William



Instagram: @david_mccrae_

Books: The Last 60 Minutes:


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