About YESBristol

The Bristol Yes Group is for anyone interested in any aspect of personal growth – health, wealth, spiritual, social. It is a club and social network dedicated to achievement, self improvement and community development.

Our vision is a world where everyone has access to a peer group, network and community that inspires people to grow, contribute to the betterment and happiness of their communities, and be all they can be.

We have been going strong for over ten years, thanks to all our volunteers and our local founder, James Richardson inspired by Karl Pearsall, the YES Group Founder.

All committee members do everything for free, the only concession we make to this is that is they get a free ticket to the events. The work done by the committee, such as organising speakers, publicising, organising venues, managing the money, managing the website, handling registrations and all associated tasks, take perhaps 6-12 person days a month, all given to you for free.

We hold Inspirational Events with guest speakers every month except August and December in Bristol.  And our speakers are great also, they give their time freely as well.

We aim to make it WIN WIN WIN,
* WIN for guests hearing great speakers and having value added to their lives.
* WIN for speakers in having a platform to promote themselves
* WIN for our charities in money to ease and save lives

We aim to do it all giving high value on a tight budget, with much donated by many, so with any surplus we can raise the maximum amount for charity, a principle instilled by Tony Robbins in all he does.

If you want to connect with other YES Group members,
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Disclaimer: Yes Group Bristol does not take responsibility for any offer made by speakers or third parties, during talks, on our website or our Facebook pages.


If you want to connect with other YES Group members,
why not join Bristol YES Group Facebook group


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